What your graphic tee says about you ?

Hello everyone ! I want to come with this idea for my readers. I think we all have at least one graphic tee in our wordrobe. Maybe, we have a memory with that t-shirt or we received it at a special ocassion. Whatever it is, we have it ! But have you ever wondered if you chose the perfect t-shirt for you? Is this the message that you want to share with people, walking and reading the text wrote down on the t-shirt? Let`s find out !

1. The Drinking Tee

Yes, you got it girl ! You will probabyl wear this kind of text at a party with your friends. Maybe there is a little too much . Do you really want to look like you just want to go and drink Jack Daniel`s or Guiness or whatever your t-shirt says? If the answear is yes, then you are a party girl !

2. College Tee

You have definitely went to all football games and you have cheeared for that handsome guy who is the leader. Anyway, you may also love your highscool or college and that`s not a bad thing.


3. Brand Tee (Céline/Hermès)

You are for sure a fashion blogger. You love fashion and you have probably already instagramed or facebooked a picture with your t-shirt. Great job , girl! Stay classy .

5. Uncategorized

6. The Band Tee(One direction, The Wanted etc)

You are really into that cute boys but don`t look like a freak. Weare it fab!

Have I missed your tee? Tell me in the comments.


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