Sunny Sunday

Finally, Sunday! I have been craving for so long for such a sunny and relaxed Sunday. (without homework)!! So, today I spent my day with my friends . Because this is mainly a fashion blog I will show you my outfit .


If you are wondering, I am wearing my new Stella McCartyney t-shirt. I got really crazy when I discovered that my parents have actually bought it for me as a Easter present! Anyway, moving on, my shorts are by C&A and they are high-waisted. The bag is a vintage one bought from a random leather boutique from Israel. For accessories , I wore my Fossil Bracelet which I got it from my boyfriend. 

Here is a closer view:


Anyway, me and my girls went in the park and took some pictures but a lot of people were looking at us very strange :)) That dog in the photo is really nice, isn`t it? Yes, it is ! We call it, or she :)) Fiona. It is one of my friend`s dog and she has recently got it.

Here is one picture with me, my friend, Diana and Fiona (Oana`s dog).


By the way, Diana has a blog too so if you are a reader of mine please check out her blog too. She has really cute advices and also more pictures from today ! So keep an eye on her blog too ! ( 

This is all for today guys! Thanks for reading! 


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