What is Choies?

Hello , everyone ! I just got home 1 hour ago and I decided to write something for you guys ! So , If you read my article about the Graphic Tee T-shirts you have probably noticed my links to Choies.

I was just surfing on the internet, as usual. Of course I was looking for a fashion website. I really want to buy some new things, I mean some accessories. I don`t know what pages have I clicked but I got on this amaizing website, Choies ! I was just surprised to see the variaty of products. I mean, you can find anything there, you can dress from toe to head , which i really enjoy at fashion websites. 

I can`t wait to order something and hopefully it will come soon because I really don`t like waiting too long ! In the pictures, products seem to be good guallity stuffs. So, till now I can`t decide between this bright floral mini skirt ( http://www.choies.com/product/bright-floral-mini-skirt ) and this kind of a ballerina skirt ( http://www.choies.com/product/sweet-ball-gown-with-pearl ) So, please help me ! 

Anyway , that`s it for today and register to choise because they have awesome deals and very nice clothes too ! http://www.choies.com 

So, stay tunned because tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow ( school keeps me busy !!) I will post nail polishes trends for this summer! Pictures and maybe a tutorial so, keep an eye on my blog ! 

P.S.: Follow me on Chictopia for more pictures: http://www.chictopia.com/MirunaOprea

Have a nice day, my friends ! 


3 thoughts on “What is Choies?

  1. Hey Miruna!
    I decided to take a look at your blog and I really like!
    Love the first skirt!
    Maggy (ana-mag.polyvore)

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