5 New Things to Try with Your Makeup

Good morning, my readers! Since this is a fashion and a BEAUTY blog, I have to post something about makeup too. So, here it is..

1. Red Lips

At first, it seemed like spring would be a season of pale lips. Then..the red colors hit with a bang , even the most noticeably brands such as Burberry, Prada and many others. But, is this trend just for the runaway parades?  Definitly NOT ! I have seen a lot of young ladies wearing a bright red color on their lips and guess what ? It looks fantastic ! You can also try the ombre lips . Wear your red lipstick with attitude.
image (9)

2. Eyeliner in Full Effect

Everyboyd knows that cat-eye hited last year, but what for this year ? Eyeliner has become a newfound essential.  You can get inspired for this look from brands like Miu Miu and Thierry Mugler. I am quite shy when it comes to makeup and I`m not so sure if this is a look that I want to wear every single day. Swiping on a platinum shadow over the lids..hmmm, not so sure that this is for me ! Although, you can try it ! image (13)

3. Lush Lashes

Yes, Lush Lashes ! This is a trend which is very popular on YouTube. I mean, all of the beauty gurus started using falsies. In my opinin, it can be a too dramatic look for day, maybe at a prom or a party I would try to apply some lashes. I don`t know about you, but I am very lazy when it comes to applying mascara or lushes so again, not for me !

image (12)

4. The Bold Brows

In my town, this trend is too far away!! I hate when I see that thiny brows ! It look bad, believe me ! Fortunately, I have bold brows and sometimes I like to fill them a bit. I use a Elf Kit, which I got it for a low price and I am very happy with it. Maybe in future , I will try the Sigma Kit because I heard it is very high quality.” A handy pro tip: brush brow hairs down to find your natural shape, then fill in sparse areas with a pencil, using short, feathery strokes to shape and even out the contours of your brows” (says Bazaar magazine)
image (11)
5.  Blue and Green

A Mediterranean influence swept the shows, as makeup artists dabbed their eye makeup brushes in shades of turquoise, jade and vibrant aqua. I think this is a go to look for people with green or blue eyes. If you don`t want to go to dramatic try a thin green eyeliner. And for times when you want to look glamorous , place a bit of sparkles around your eyes like a Gucci or a Dior model, if you dare !  image (10)


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