Colorful Nails


Hello,everyone! As already tol you this morning, I have painted my nails in a cute color from Oriflame. So, a few days ago my mom told me that Inmedio had sales at nail polishes. (Inmedio is a shop with newspapers, which has recently started selling nail polishes, glosses, toys). I went there and there was an incredible offert, something like buy one get one free or half price for some polishes which were anyway very cheap. Anyway, I went a little crazy and bought 4 colors for this summer. I really love painting my nails in different colors for sunny days. I mean, a color for every day, a color for every mood.  

However, this summer turquoise is really in. Buy a nice turquoise swimmsuit and wear it at the beach or pool with assorted polish. (the color will match the color of water and you tend to be in a happy and relaxed mood, perfect for holiday).

image (2)

Another cute color is mauve, not a dramatic one, a friendly one if I can call in this way a color . In the pictured I added a nice mauve dress and some macaroons(who doesn`t love them?!!!??) because I think they match perfectly !

image (1)

Here is what I bought! 2 hot pinks, 1 mauve color and a mint nail polish ! I am really excited to try them out and they are tought to dry after 60 seconds, sounds great !




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