What`s in My Summer Makeup Bag ?

Hello, my readers ! In my town is getting hotter and hotter so I really can`t go out with a full face makeup. So, not too much foundation or anything like that because they will all melt in the middle of the day. Because I have olly skin I have to be careful in summers. I have recently changed my makeup bag because of this weather so, I decided to show you what I use now.

Firstly, this is my makeup bag, a hot pink onw which I got two years ago I think for 3$ or less. You can put a lot of produtcs in it and I also use it when I travel.


For my face I won`t go too crazy , just a BB Cream from Maybelline. It is so important to have SPF when the sun shines and this cream has all I need. Excepting the fact that I think it is a bit too dark for me but the lighter shade was too light so I decided to buy this one. It`s really inexpensive. For cheeks I use just a pale pink blush from NYX, which will give me a nice look.

image (3)

All these products I apply with a foundation brush from Douglas ( bought it last summer , but you can still find it because they have this brush in the permanent collection) and a blush/contour brush from Too Faced.

image (2)

Moving on to the eyes, I must confess I can`t stay without my eyeliner ! It`s just a regular one from Elf. I have also included a purple kohl from Sephora just for the days when I want to be a litte more colorful, you know we need a pop of color during summer. Also, if you want you can also apply mascara and this one is from Maybelline. As you know, I`m not a huge fan of mascara because it comes off really hard and I hate this part, but we need it sometimes.

image (4)

Lips..Just a moisturizer from Maybelline, Baby Lips in the shaed Peach Kiss. You can also use a lipgloss, I would go for a coral one and this is “Richer,Lusher”by M.A.C.

image (1)

P.S. Don`t forget a makeup mirror(mine is from F21 and I love the flowers detail)

Anyway, here are the products that I will be using this season. See you soon with an outfit post! 



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