How to Survey at Prom Night?

how to

I know that it is the period of proms and I might have missed some of your proms, but it is never too late for a post like this. 


We all know how stressed we are before the prom night. Preparations and preparations. We want to look perfect . It is a long night and we have  to look awesome all the time,no worries and no troubles. What to do ?


Last year, on May I had the prom. I still remember how nervous I was. 


Make sure your heels are not so high and you feel confortable in them. If  you don`t want to have your night ruined make sure that there won`t be other girl with the same dress as yours. But if it happens, stay calm you are probably having a better makeup and hair and you look more gorgeous ! Try not to panic ! Dance as much as you can, this will give you energy. Remember that at Prom you will have the time to chat with some of your collegues who you have never talked before. Don`t forget to put in your clutch a powder or maybe some Shine Erasers to avoid a shiny face. 


Also, you know that mean girls that are waitting for you to mess up with your outfit. They will laugh at you no matter what, but don`t worry this night will be better if you ignore them !


Maybe, prom night comes with surprises for you, I mean we all have that super cute guy in school that we like. Who knows what this night will bring you?


All in all girls, remember you are beautiful and have fun at Prom !


Here is something which I made on Poly, just an outfit idea that I really love . By the way, bright dresses are really in for prom !

My dream prom


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