My First Giveaway, Oasap – International !!!

Hello , dolls ! I am hosting a very cute and simple giveaway for you ! What I love about this giveaway is the fact that you can choose between 8 really cute objects ! 

You can win : 

1. Candy Color Skater Skirt ( )

2. Elegant Mini Skirt with Chiffon Overlay (

3. Shining Galaxy Print Leggings ( )

4. Sweet Floppy Hat With Floral Embellishment ( )

5. Eiffel Tower Print T-shirt ( )

6. Cute Print Panter Print T-shirt ( )

7. Sleeveless Round Neck Crocheted Lace Vest ( )

8. Fashion Sleeveless Chiffon Dress ( )


1. Sign up as a member of;
2. Follow at least one of following accounts:
3. Provide the correct shipping information if she will be chosen as a winner.
4. Coment with the email account & the account you follow Oasap and the link of the item you wish to win (click the links to see the objects)

This contest will be opened for 10 days, I will pick a random winner and as I mentioned in the title the competition is international !! 


Don`t forget to comment !!!!!


67 thoughts on “My First Giveaway, Oasap – International !!!

  1. member:lung.anna@yahoo
    FB:Anna Lung
    Twitter:Anna Bella
    pinsterest:Anna Lung
    I would like to win: Sleeveless Round Neck Crocheted Lace Vest

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