Morning and Night Routine

Hello, dolls! What have you been up to ? I have diceded to tell you what I do in the morning and what I do before falling asleep. 

Anyway, enough talking let`s get into the post ! Let`s start with the morning. I am usually a lazy person when it comes to morning and I hate waking up very early. So how do I survive?

z The first step for a good day is eating my milk with cereals ! I literally can`t stay without this meal . It is also healthy, I mean I usually eat cereals with chocolate and the combination with milk…just love it ! After a tasy meal of course I take a shower and then I try to make time for riding my bike. You feel the smell of green grass, you hear the little birds singing and you also meet with angry people because they have to walk with their dogs ! :)) But, beside the funny part try to wake up earlyer tomorrow and go with your bike, just in your neighbourhood, you don`t have to ride 20 km and I must confess that it is SO refreshing ! Always make time for yourself !


When night comes I like to cuddle in my pijamas, to moisturize my hands with the pink cream from the picture. It smells delicious.Sometimes I feel like I have to eat it !  Having my hands smelling like strawberries and milkshake feels so yuummyyy ! In the picture I have placed my  bunny mask or however you want to call it. I enjoy sleeping with this little bunny on my eyes, I feel safe . :))  Before sleeping I love checking again my social accounts and of course, my blog . 


This is what I do in the morning and night and maybe you have recgonized some of your habits in my article ! Don`t forget to enter in my giveaway. Have a nice day, girls ! ❤ 


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