Scare Off the Other Woman

Nowadays, the way you dress becomes a signature for you and your personality. Graphic tee T-shirts, maxi skirts and and espadrilles are all fun and they also serve a wide range of purpose. But sometimes, you just need to intimidate.  Don`t take wrong, I mean not wearing a panda mask or weird items like this one. I am talking about scaring off the other woman.

We are all trying to compare with that other woman. Maybe she is your boyfriend`s ex or an ordinary girl who sends your boy text after texts, but whoever is you just have to proove that you are better. I think I have been in situations like this so I will give you some tips.   wonder

Firstly, this girl has her eyes on your man so you have to dress to put all eyes on you. You have to look damm-hot . Got great legs? Wear that pink skirt with a pair of pumps and you will definitly rock ! Have a sexy chest? Go for it and give a chance to a V-neck tank which will go perfectly with your eye color, but if you want to look even better try a pair of super skinny jeans. Other items:

-Black Studded Leather Jacket -> You look hot for sure and it will give you a bad and “”I don`t care” attitude ( in fact, you obviously care) 

-Heels -> You look very confident with high heels and also a strong woman !

Secondly, let`s talk about makeup and hair. Go for subtle pink lips and get serious with eyes. Your eyes have to be prepared for your little enemy and also for flirty glances so, go dramatic ! Use the eye-liner to creat that cat-eye effect, then smudge that black eyeshadow on the outer corner. Make sure everything is well blended. Finally, add coats of mascara or wear falsies. 

Moving on to the hair, curl it ! You can go for a glamorous look, which means big sexy curls ! If your hair is naturally curly make it look wilder.

The Attitude, the most important fact even if I left it at final !   I get the whole “keep your enemies closer” truism, but I prefer avoiding fakeness as much as possible. Anyway, being too obssesed about all this stuff with makeup and hair will show that you are insecure about your man(maybe you are a bit but this is our secret).  Kepp your head up and keep saying that you are the best .

I am not the kind of girl who starts catfights but if a girl really gives me headaches then I try to talk to her as calm as I can so I will look wiser. Stay strong ! 

do it

These are all of my advices and if you ever had such experiences leave the comments below. 

p.s.: don`t forget about the giveaway !


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