Pastel Colors

pastel  Hi, dolls ! How is your week? Mine is just crazy ! I had a lot of tests so I am a bit stressed out, but let`s forget about my rough time at school.  
Today, I want to talk about pastel colors ! 6 wonderful shades were declared main colors for this summer ! So,  I will briefly mention them : teacup rose, lemon ice, antiguan sky, peachy keen, pink raspberry and juneau spring . When I think of pastel colors in my mind comes Paris. I have no idea why, but this is the connection which my brain does it. 
Having a lot of inspiration on board I checked online, cliped to Polyvore some items from Sheinside and made this collage. This could me my go-to look for Paris. 
Anyway, but why choose pastel colors? I think that they are very feminine, casual and very flirty.  But, you know what they say (I mean, designers), pastel goes perfectly with pastel and this is why we have a wide variaty of pastel shoes, accessories and make-up.  You may think that you can dress with pastel colors only for day, but this is wrong ! They have a nice effect even at night time, at a dat or just when you hang out with friends. 
I found this amaizing pair of shorts which are not just pastel color but they also have floral print !! I think they are my new love ❤ ! Being a teenager is kind of hard to keep up with fashion, because we all know how hard is to manage with your money, so , I found a cheaper method at . Go and check out what pastel clothes they have.
This summer, a pastel outfit is a must have  ! 


Pastel Colors


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