Store Your Accessories

Hello, my girls, my friends ! How is your day ?

I have always been an organized person, I mean this is how I like to call myself. I really love organizing my accessories, my makeup and clothes. I think I am pretty creative person when it comes to storing. I do not want to show off or anything like this, so do not take me wrong but I have a huuugeee collection of accessories, from necklackes to bracelets, earrings and rings ! My mother is literlly obessed with all these stuff, so maybe I got this from her, who knows?

Having so many accessories I always have troubles. Especially, when I want THAT necklacke or THAT ring..and, surprise..I can not find it and I end up replacing it with a piece which comes first in my hand. One day, I had to stop this habit and started to look in my house for some boxes or anything like that to put my lovely accesories there.DSC08492

I went to the supermarket and I found this amaizing ballerina jewelly holder, which was very affordable . It is kind of small so I can`t put too many objects , but at least I can put there my favorite things. But I am sure that from month to month there will be different bracelets and rings holding on that pinky ballerina. Anyway, this piece is not just a necessity but I think it goes perfectly with my room tones. So, why not a fun decoration to add in your girly room?

The other tip for storing your jewellery is an old small box. I got mine for my friends 3 years ago as a birthday gift. Of course, in the bos were a bracelet and a necklace. ( I still love that gift ! ). So, the little box was in my room and I use it, mainly, for necklaces. It has a lot of space and it is a cheap way to spend less time in the morning , looking for a necklace.


So, here are my organizing ideas.

And..a picture from this morning. Just the perfect start for a looongg day ! Elle & Nutella !



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