Lemon Yellow

Let`s learn about the presence of the yellow this summer! Yellow is a color that is easy to include in a look, its combination with white is just stunning ! It gives the “kiss from sun” as I like to call it, on a tanned skin.

T-shirts, Shirts, Tops ..you will find a lot of pieces and prints so almost everything with a yellow detail it is for sure a fashionable item. The shorts and skirts with this color combined with a white top I love, as I have already said before the effect wonderful. You look full of life and  happy with yellow on you and everybody will notice you. Buuuutt, if you want a total look yellow go for dresses. I think they are really appropriate for a picnic and for those hot days when you are too lazy to think of the perfect outfit and just throw a dress on you . With a yellow dress, you can`t screw it !


Also, if you don`t dare to include yellow in your outfits but you still want to look fresh I have a trick for you which I have recently used it. Yellow nail polish and white bracelets. Soooo, you will have the perfect combo ! Let`s not forget about the yellow bag, it gives the final touch.

Here, I have created a look which has a lot of fun yellow stuff, like ice-cream, lemonade and also the perfect crop top from Choies ! Enjoy my post !



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