Would You Wear A Bow In Your Hair?

It seems that they are back, I mean the bows. Belive me, it is a trend that really excites me: the return of the bows. They say that after you start wearing them you can`t stop and you buy the second, the tirth and so on..It is just so efortless and fun ! And also, perfect for bad hair days ( we all have them) , covering blemishes and dealing with all types of crazy hair. Despite all the advanteges, sometimes I tend to think that I look like I am at a British elementary school, an ordinary girl rocking her uniform, not a girl who wants to look stylish.

Maybe, I am being silly thinking like this because we all know what fashion means, having fun and pushing the boundaries, ignoring the rules while carefully following them at the same time. Funny, isn`t it?

There are many reasons to wear bows.

1.You can wear them in many different ways.

2.They are very affordable and you cand find many DIYs projects on YouTube to learn how to make your own.

3.Bows are perfect for spring and summer !

I have recently tryed this trend and here is a picture of me, my hair and my bow . Have fun !



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