At countryside

Because summer is here, I really enjoy short trips to the countryside. The pictures are a bit old, I mean since last week. Right now, I am in Spain for one month and tomorrow we are leaving for Marroco (one week and then back to Spain). Pinky promise that I will post a mini guide about Marroco which will include best placecs to visit/to eat and to shop.  Also, one or two posts with outfits so that I can give you some ideas how to dress there if you go , as a tourist , of course.

Today I will take some pictures but the theme is a surprise ! Also, if you are wondering I have started reading a fabulous book by Alexandra Shulamn, “Can we still be friends”.But again, pinky promise that I will write an entire post about this book after I will have finished it. I am looking forward to finding the Vogue magazine here in Spain but the town where I stay in is kind of ..empty and small . Don`t worry as soon as I find it I will share with you my opinions about the Spanish edition.

Anyway, my mother says that pink`s my colour and that she regards herself as a blue person and I am definitely a pink girl. I must confess that she is right ! So, now you have to decide if I am a pink girl or not ! J) When I go to the countryside I usually like to combine sweet colors like different tones of pink or peachy.  Also, I feel more comfy in shorts and for the final touch I have added my fav necklace which my boyfriend gave me last winter !

Enough talking I don`t want to be too boring for you guys, so here are the pictures. Kisses and keep and eye on my blog for my Marroco posts and many others !



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