Holiday Wardrobe

Hi, girls ! How is your holiday? As you know, I am in Spain for one month and when you say one month abroad of course it comes a lot of packed clothes and many other stuff. I didn`t go too crazy with packing but of course I wanted to take with me my fav t-shirts,dresses,books,necklaces,bracelets..and the list goes on.

Because I hate letting my clothes in the luggage while I`m on holiday I use the wardrobe from the hotel. There was enough space in my wardrobe so I kind of organized all as I do in my own room, at home.

Dresses up and under them some t-shirts, my beach hat, sunglasses, jwelleries and a sun cream protection.

As you can see, down I have other clothes which are perfectly stored. What I want to highlight is that whenever you go on holiday even if just for one week you have to maintain everything in its own place. I really don`t like those messy rooms with clothes and make-up everywhere.

But what about packing? Let me give you some advice.

Well, the most important is the luggage, the troller. If you are going to spend 2- 3 weeks or maybe more, a big troller is absolutely fine but travelling just for a weekend with a lot of stuff with you is ridiculous!

I usually don`t like to take too many cosmetics with me and tend to take a bottle which covers all, maybe a bb cream with 3 in 1 ( moisturizer, spf and also coverage), I also have a foundation if I can call it foundation, which has besides the 3 aspects mentioned before, a concealer. If you are interested in this product you can find it at Stilla, it is a bit pricey but I think it`s worth it. A sun cream is a must if you are planning to go to the beach.  Also, I always pack a hat and swimmsuites are never enough.  You can`t go wrong taking too many.  Another advice for you is to think before your holiday what you would like to wear there and try to pack by outfits so that you won`t have too many extra clothes.

Shoes…we all know about this issue. I mostly  like to carry espadrilles and not heels because I feel way more comfy, buuuuut if you want to take a pair of heels with you go for your wish ! There must  be a bit place for them .

What I like to take with me is a good book and the latest edition of my fav magazines. When you lay on the beach you will get bored and reading is never bad !

Hopefully, this post helped you and here are some pics with the wordrobe from my hotel ( in case you want to get inspired of how to organize your clothes at the hotel)





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