Lemon Yellow

Let`s learn about the presence of the yellow this summer! Yellow is a color that is easy to include in a look, its combination with white is just stunning ! It gives the “kiss from sun” as I like to call it, on a tanned skin.

T-shirts, Shirts, Tops ..you will find a lot of pieces and prints so almost everything with a yellow detail it is for sure a fashionable item. The shorts and skirts with this color combined with a white top I love, as I have already said before the effect wonderful. You look full of life and  happy with yellow on you and everybody will notice you. Buuuutt, if you want a total look yellow go for dresses. I think they are really appropriate for a picnic and for those hot days when you are too lazy to think of the perfect outfit and just throw a dress on you . With a yellow dress, you can`t screw it !


Also, if you don`t dare to include yellow in your outfits but you still want to look fresh I have a trick for you which I have recently used it. Yellow nail polish and white bracelets. Soooo, you will have the perfect combo ! Let`s not forget about the yellow bag, it gives the final touch.

Here, I have created a look which has a lot of fun yellow stuff, like ice-cream, lemonade and also the perfect crop top from Choies ! Enjoy my post !



Sun, Summer, Sport

Hi, everyone ! I know it has been a long time since I last posted something but blame it on the sun ! I have been relaxing so much lately because the holiday is almost here ! I don`t know if I have ever told you about the fact that I am a person who really loves sports.

Sooooo, today I ride my bike and took some pictures.

Hope you like it and I will post something new soon ! KISSES ❤






A Pop of Color

We all know that summer is here and the neon bright colors come back to life. Today I went out a bit and I felt like I really needed that pop of color( this is how I like to call it). Anyway, I went for something sport so I decided to take my pink neon T-shirt and my new white skirt with birds detail. Also, when you want to emphaize a color and I wanted to do this of that cute pink, I wore a pair of nude espadrilles and an old bag or maybe it is a shopper bag ( I am still trying to figure out how to call it). 


                Stradivarius T-shrt | H&M Skirt| Random Espadrilles| Benvenutti Bracelet| Accessorize Bag|






In Love with Emerald

Emerald is belived to be : “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty
that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” 
by http://www.pantone.com

I have recently searched online the question : “What is the color of the year?” and the answear just came to me..Emerald ! Being a teen on a low budget you can not always be in. But, thanks God that trends come back and maybe you have no idea about a cute skirt or dress or why not jewellery from your mother`s wardrobe. Yesterday, I was just very bored when I saw two beautiful rings at my mom. I was so enthusiastic seeing emerald at her, I knew that I could wear them too. 

Anyway, stores are full of emerald clothes but make sure you choose the best piece for you. I mean, I would go for a dress because I think that it is the best alternative. I mean, you will also follow the trend and at a summer party you can not go wrong. Combine the dress with a pair of nude espadrilles and you are good to go. 

I recommend not going too crazy with this color because I think it is a bit extravagant so I will definitely wear it just at cocktails , but an easy idea for feeling comfortable is buying a beach drss/bag/swimmsuit. I guarantee you that you will be in the spotlight on the beach. I really love those girls with beach waves and their tanned skin, emerald on them and a pistachio ice cream . It just looks like..fashion !

Don`t panic if you do not look good in emerald, it doesn`t mean you aren`t beautiful or that you can`t be in trend. NOT ! Sometimes, some colors don`t suit us and it is perfectly fine. I can say a lot of colors which don`t look good on me, but I accept it. Maybe, I don`t and here comes the tricks..We all know that when it comes to shoes or bags we don`t think if the color suits us. So, if you really love this color, try my tricks.

I found this amaizing sleeveless dress in emerald and I couldn`t help sharing with you guys, also it is very affordable : http://www.choies.com/product/sleeveless-dress-in-green

Despite the fact that emerald will bring us just compliments, don`t count on this and be a wise girl when you add your jewelries, clutches and shoes. Go for nude, but if you are a daring girl try an orange necklace or a gold bracelet.

Here is a picture of what I wore today, orange(with aztec details)espadrilles and the two emerald rings. You can also find this picture on my Instagram account: @miru1 , follow me there for more outfits.


Store Your Accessories

Hello, my girls, my friends ! How is your day ?

I have always been an organized person, I mean this is how I like to call myself. I really love organizing my accessories, my makeup and clothes. I think I am pretty creative person when it comes to storing. I do not want to show off or anything like this, so do not take me wrong but I have a huuugeee collection of accessories, from necklackes to bracelets, earrings and rings ! My mother is literlly obessed with all these stuff, so maybe I got this from her, who knows?

Having so many accessories I always have troubles. Especially, when I want THAT necklacke or THAT ring..and, surprise..I can not find it and I end up replacing it with a piece which comes first in my hand. One day, I had to stop this habit and started to look in my house for some boxes or anything like that to put my lovely accesories there.DSC08492

I went to the supermarket and I found this amaizing ballerina jewelly holder, which was very affordable . It is kind of small so I can`t put too many objects , but at least I can put there my favorite things. But I am sure that from month to month there will be different bracelets and rings holding on that pinky ballerina. Anyway, this piece is not just a necessity but I think it goes perfectly with my room tones. So, why not a fun decoration to add in your girly room?

The other tip for storing your jewellery is an old small box. I got mine for my friends 3 years ago as a birthday gift. Of course, in the bos were a bracelet and a necklace. ( I still love that gift ! ). So, the little box was in my room and I use it, mainly, for necklaces. It has a lot of space and it is a cheap way to spend less time in the morning , looking for a necklace.


So, here are my organizing ideas.

And..a picture from this morning. Just the perfect start for a looongg day ! Elle & Nutella !


And the Winner is..

Annie ! Congrats, dear !  Feel free to contact me at opreamiruna@yahoo.com and send me all of your shipping infos ! Thank you everyone ! And I am sorry for those you wanted to entry today and yesterday but I can not approve your comments because the giveaway ended on 31st of May 🙂

Also, I am very greatful to http://www.giveawayroute.com/ for helping me with the giveaway.

The Shopper Bag

Hello, my readers! How are you today ? I am not going to complain again about my rough  time  at school because you already know about it. Today, I woke up so early, I had German lessons which were so so tirrying. Anyway, here I am, writing for you a post about my last obsession, the shopper bag!The Shopper Bag
  I have had so many periods in my life, talking about bags of course. I remember that when I was a little girl I used to carry with me a big backpack. It was all pink with princesses on it. I still find it cute. Then, after years I realized that I wasn`t “in fashion” anymore so I move on to kind of fancy bags, from black to yellow and a wide range of colors. I couldn`t discover my style, but I was still looking for it. 
  Nowadays, I am in highscool and seriously guys, all girls wear bags, small bags and they keep their school materials there. But, I got a bit fed up with all this purses, don`t take me wrong, I still like them but ..c`mon everybody wears those little bags with studds. I have found the best alternative for these. The Shopper Bag ! You may think that their only purpose is for going to the beach or to the mall, but this is not right. I wore mine at school and I got a lot of compliments on it ! Don`t be too shy to try them. And believe me, some of them really have a great fabric . I remember that Accessorize used to have a line(hopefully, they still have) with shopper bags and also Pull&Bear.
  I made a selection of four of my favorite shopper bags which I found on Polyvore , one is from P&B , as you can see ( the first one) and the second from Accessorize. I am the happy owner of one shopper bag and I must confess that when I am in a hurry I just throw my phone, keys and agenda there and I am good to go.
   My all time favorites bags like this are the one with messages , I think I have seen one last year when I went to Malta, at a girl who was very stylish and her bag was making her outfit rock. I think that the bag was “screaming” something like “shop till you drop” , but I am not so sure if I remember well. 
  Also, if you are a creativ girl I am sure you can find a cheap and no-detailed shopper bag and decorate it as you like.
  Don`t forget that the quality of the fabric is one of the most important facts because we     
 want to carry with us all of our girly stuff.