The Shopper Bag

Hello, my readers! How are you today ? I am not going to complain again about my rough  time  at school because you already know about it. Today, I woke up so early, I had German lessons which were so so tirrying. Anyway, here I am, writing for you a post about my last obsession, the shopper bag!The Shopper Bag
  I have had so many periods in my life, talking about bags of course. I remember that when I was a little girl I used to carry with me a big backpack. It was all pink with princesses on it. I still find it cute. Then, after years I realized that I wasn`t “in fashion” anymore so I move on to kind of fancy bags, from black to yellow and a wide range of colors. I couldn`t discover my style, but I was still looking for it. 
  Nowadays, I am in highscool and seriously guys, all girls wear bags, small bags and they keep their school materials there. But, I got a bit fed up with all this purses, don`t take me wrong, I still like them but ..c`mon everybody wears those little bags with studds. I have found the best alternative for these. The Shopper Bag ! You may think that their only purpose is for going to the beach or to the mall, but this is not right. I wore mine at school and I got a lot of compliments on it ! Don`t be too shy to try them. And believe me, some of them really have a great fabric . I remember that Accessorize used to have a line(hopefully, they still have) with shopper bags and also Pull&Bear.
  I made a selection of four of my favorite shopper bags which I found on Polyvore , one is from P&B , as you can see ( the first one) and the second from Accessorize. I am the happy owner of one shopper bag and I must confess that when I am in a hurry I just throw my phone, keys and agenda there and I am good to go.
   My all time favorites bags like this are the one with messages , I think I have seen one last year when I went to Malta, at a girl who was very stylish and her bag was making her outfit rock. I think that the bag was “screaming” something like “shop till you drop” , but I am not so sure if I remember well. 
  Also, if you are a creativ girl I am sure you can find a cheap and no-detailed shopper bag and decorate it as you like.
  Don`t forget that the quality of the fabric is one of the most important facts because we     
 want to carry with us all of our girly stuff.