Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

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Lemon Yellow

Let`s learn about the presence of the yellow this summer! Yellow is a color that is easy to include in a look, its combination with white is just stunning ! It gives the “kiss from sun” as I like to call it, on a tanned skin.

T-shirts, Shirts, Tops will find a lot of pieces and prints so almost everything with a yellow detail it is for sure a fashionable item. The shorts and skirts with this color combined with a white top I love, as I have already said before the effect wonderful. You look full of life and  happy with yellow on you and everybody will notice you. Buuuutt, if you want a total look yellow go for dresses. I think they are really appropriate for a picnic and for those hot days when you are too lazy to think of the perfect outfit and just throw a dress on you . With a yellow dress, you can`t screw it !


Also, if you don`t dare to include yellow in your outfits but you still want to look fresh I have a trick for you which I have recently used it. Yellow nail polish and white bracelets. Soooo, you will have the perfect combo ! Let`s not forget about the yellow bag, it gives the final touch.

Here, I have created a look which has a lot of fun yellow stuff, like ice-cream, lemonade and also the perfect crop top from Choies ! Enjoy my post !


The Shopper Bag

Hello, my readers! How are you today ? I am not going to complain again about my rough  time  at school because you already know about it. Today, I woke up so early, I had German lessons which were so so tirrying. Anyway, here I am, writing for you a post about my last obsession, the shopper bag!The Shopper Bag
  I have had so many periods in my life, talking about bags of course. I remember that when I was a little girl I used to carry with me a big backpack. It was all pink with princesses on it. I still find it cute. Then, after years I realized that I wasn`t “in fashion” anymore so I move on to kind of fancy bags, from black to yellow and a wide range of colors. I couldn`t discover my style, but I was still looking for it. 
  Nowadays, I am in highscool and seriously guys, all girls wear bags, small bags and they keep their school materials there. But, I got a bit fed up with all this purses, don`t take me wrong, I still like them but ..c`mon everybody wears those little bags with studds. I have found the best alternative for these. The Shopper Bag ! You may think that their only purpose is for going to the beach or to the mall, but this is not right. I wore mine at school and I got a lot of compliments on it ! Don`t be too shy to try them. And believe me, some of them really have a great fabric . I remember that Accessorize used to have a line(hopefully, they still have) with shopper bags and also Pull&Bear.
  I made a selection of four of my favorite shopper bags which I found on Polyvore , one is from P&B , as you can see ( the first one) and the second from Accessorize. I am the happy owner of one shopper bag and I must confess that when I am in a hurry I just throw my phone, keys and agenda there and I am good to go.
   My all time favorites bags like this are the one with messages , I think I have seen one last year when I went to Malta, at a girl who was very stylish and her bag was making her outfit rock. I think that the bag was “screaming” something like “shop till you drop” , but I am not so sure if I remember well. 
  Also, if you are a creativ girl I am sure you can find a cheap and no-detailed shopper bag and decorate it as you like.
  Don`t forget that the quality of the fabric is one of the most important facts because we     
 want to carry with us all of our girly stuff. 

Pastel Colors

pastel  Hi, dolls ! How is your week? Mine is just crazy ! I had a lot of tests so I am a bit stressed out, but let`s forget about my rough time at school.  
Today, I want to talk about pastel colors ! 6 wonderful shades were declared main colors for this summer ! So,  I will briefly mention them : teacup rose, lemon ice, antiguan sky, peachy keen, pink raspberry and juneau spring . When I think of pastel colors in my mind comes Paris. I have no idea why, but this is the connection which my brain does it. 
Having a lot of inspiration on board I checked online, cliped to Polyvore some items from Sheinside and made this collage. This could me my go-to look for Paris. 
Anyway, but why choose pastel colors? I think that they are very feminine, casual and very flirty.  But, you know what they say (I mean, designers), pastel goes perfectly with pastel and this is why we have a wide variaty of pastel shoes, accessories and make-up.  You may think that you can dress with pastel colors only for day, but this is wrong ! They have a nice effect even at night time, at a dat or just when you hang out with friends. 
I found this amaizing pair of shorts which are not just pastel color but they also have floral print !! I think they are my new love ❤ ! Being a teenager is kind of hard to keep up with fashion, because we all know how hard is to manage with your money, so , I found a cheaper method at . Go and check out what pastel clothes they have.
This summer, a pastel outfit is a must have  ! 


Pastel Colors

How to Survey at Prom Night?

how to

I know that it is the period of proms and I might have missed some of your proms, but it is never too late for a post like this. 


We all know how stressed we are before the prom night. Preparations and preparations. We want to look perfect . It is a long night and we have  to look awesome all the time,no worries and no troubles. What to do ?


Last year, on May I had the prom. I still remember how nervous I was. 


Make sure your heels are not so high and you feel confortable in them. If  you don`t want to have your night ruined make sure that there won`t be other girl with the same dress as yours. But if it happens, stay calm you are probably having a better makeup and hair and you look more gorgeous ! Try not to panic ! Dance as much as you can, this will give you energy. Remember that at Prom you will have the time to chat with some of your collegues who you have never talked before. Don`t forget to put in your clutch a powder or maybe some Shine Erasers to avoid a shiny face. 


Also, you know that mean girls that are waitting for you to mess up with your outfit. They will laugh at you no matter what, but don`t worry this night will be better if you ignore them !


Maybe, prom night comes with surprises for you, I mean we all have that super cute guy in school that we like. Who knows what this night will bring you?


All in all girls, remember you are beautiful and have fun at Prom !


Here is something which I made on Poly, just an outfit idea that I really love . By the way, bright dresses are really in for prom !

My dream prom

spring outfit

spring outfit

Ah..primavara!! In sfarsit, geaca de blugi va iesi din sifonier odata cu tricourile colorate , iar ochelarii de soare vor fi in clutch. Sunt foarte entuziasmata de caldura de afara tocmai de aceea m-am gandit sa va propun un outfit . Nu este ceva sofisticat..o camasa de voal, o pereche de pantaloni de un roz pal, un clutch colorat si o pereche de pantofi asortata! (cred ca am zarit un clutch de aceeasi culoare acum cateva saptamani la Zara, dar nu sunt foarte sigura). 
Daca va intrebati, rujul din imagine este marca Mac, nuanta Angel. De o saptamana sunt fericita posesoare a acestei nuante ! Spun fericita deoarece este o culoare care nu ai vrea sa mai dispara de pe buzele tale odata ce a fost aplicata, dar inevitabilul se produce, se produce destul de rapid as zice :)) 
In orice caz, aceasta este ideea mea de outfit pentru aceasta primavara. Voi ce purtati?
P.S.: Astept cu nerbdare feedback-ul si sugestiile voastre, kisses